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Chicago Fire - NBC Fall

Premiers October 10

Premise:’America’s everyday heroes face life and death in this thrilling drama’ (Good job NBC). Firefighters Matthew Casey(Jesse Spencer, Chase from House) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney, Mason from Vampire Diaries) have their problems when they lose their best friend. Rivalry ensues, which will probably end up in a bromance and a lot of drama for everybody.

Good: Of course Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney that’s for one. I’ve never watched a firefighter show, but it seems like it will be like their medical counterparts: full of drama. And, we love our drama. 

Contenders: Chicago Fire is on Wednesdays at 10, and the show is up against newcomer Nashville (ABC) and  CSI (CBS).

Verdict: Drama, drama, hot guys, fire…watch!

Other NBC new shows: Go onRevolutionThe New Normal, Animal Practice, and Guys with Kids.

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