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Guys with Kids - NBC Fall 

Premiers: September 26

Premise: The life of three guy friends (and yes let’s be redundant) with their kids. Can NBC do a better job explaining it? ‘Can new dads stay cool dudes? This new comedy is going to find out.’ No. 

Good: It’s directed by Jimmy Fallon. It looks like the kind of comedy to take your mind of things. I’m not so sure if it’s a cancel or no, because after ‘Whitney’ I’m not sure about anything anymore. 

Contenders: It’s on Wednesday at 8:30PM. Along side him are: Suburgatory (ABC), Survivor (CBS), Arrow (CW) and, X Factor (Fox).

Verdict: Watch whenever it’s on if you don’t care about ‘Suburgatory’ and want comedy. I’ll watch, I just like guys with kids in general. 

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