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Animal Practice - NBC Fall 

Premiers September 26

Premise: The days in a wacky veterinary or as NBC puts it ‘A veterinarian’s office comedy with plenty of horsing around.’ Horsing, get it? (shame on you NBC).

Good: It has Justin Kirk, Tyler Labine and a monkey. What’s not to love? ‘Animal Practice’ seems nice enough. I’ll watch it just for the monkey. I’m worried is how many more will go to see this new show?

Contenders: ‘Animal Practice’ is on Wednesdays at 8PM. Along side him are: The Middle (ABC), Survivor (CBS), Arrow (CW) and, X Factor (Fox). Looking at its comedy competitors it may have a fighting chance. I mean the monkey throws pills. 

Verdict: Watch or DVR, but watch at some point at least the first few episodes. 

Other NBC new shows: Go onRevolution, The New Normal, Guys with Kids, and Chicago Fire

UPDATE: I watched the Pilot, and it’s fun to watch when there is nothing more on the TV. Entertaining, but not that much.