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The Goodwin games - Fox FallĀ  Midseason TV

Premise: Three brothers (Becki Newton, Scott Foley and Jake Lacy) are reunited after their father die. The late father left 23MM to the winner of what he calls the Goodwin games.

Good: I’m a fan of the actress Becki since Ugly Betty, so I’m glad that she has a lead in a show. This show looks really interesting, comedy with the feel-good part of -dysfunctional- family coming together plus the black guy. Which I hope is actually mocking the shows that just introduce a black person for the sake of having a black person.

Bad: I’m not sure how this premise will last long. It would have made a really cool movie I’m sure, but I’ll wait and see how the writers of the show keep the story going.

Contenders: Midseason

Verdict: It’s a good thing it’s in midseason because I don’t know how it would have come against in the fall. So for now is a: Watch!